Oakley Recycled Gascan Sunglasses

Oakley is known for their sunglasses and the Bob Burnquist Signature Recycled Gascan Sunglasses keep their reputation going strong.  Burnquist is a pro skateboarder with a heart for the environment so proceeds from sales of the glasses will benefit the Action Sports Environmental Coalition which Bob founded in 2001.

The glasses are made of scrap plastics with a bamboo logo on the sides.  The glasses really protect my sensitive eyes from the harmful sunrays.  I only have one small issue with the glasses and that they are a tad to loose on my face when bicycling.  I like my glasses to be tight and they tend to fall down a bit, but not enough to fall off my face.  Last weekend, Ed used them while camping and he tried to steal them, being a Burnquist fan.

He can’t have my Oakleys!  I love them!  Scrap materials being put to good use is a wonderful way for Oakley to green their company up a bit! Unfortunately, I lost my fave sunglasses last week.