Peak Organic Brewing Company

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting up with Mike from Peak Organic Brewing Company and a friend, Dave, to try all of their beers and their soon to be released sparkling juice line, Organic Source.  We started with the thirst-quenching sparkling beverages first.  Unlike other sparkling beverages I’ve drank, these are actually really yummy.  You can actually taste juice, oddly enough.  My favorite was the Pomegranate Acai, followed by the White Grape and third the Lime.  

The Pom Acai is made to be bittersweet and goes very well with the filtered carbonated water.  The White Grape was very, very refreshing while the Lime would have been even better with rum and mint.  The calorie count was a little high, but it’s not juice, it’s a beverage, so there is definitely sugar in the ingredients.  

Now onto the beer… We sampled the following brews; IPA, Pale Ale, Nut Brown, Amber Ale and Pomegranate Wheat with Acai.  

My favorite was the IPA.  It was very hoppy with a hint of citrus and a mellow floral aroma.  The Pom Wheat with Acai is not only organic but Fair Trade because they source the acai from Sambazon.  It’s a standard wheat beer and the pom and acai make it a slight bit bitter unlike most wheat beers.

The Pale Ale is very drinkable, nothing remarkable, but very drinkable.  The Amber Ale, as Mike explained, is not that popular on the East Coast.  Most East Coasters do not like Ambers and I tend to agree cause it was just OK.  The Nut Brown, Peak’s flagship beer was pretty good too.  Smooth, malty and nutty, just like it should be.

Peak is new to the beer game, however give this organic craft brewery a chance because you may just something.  Check your local stores too, because the IPA is being brewed year round now.

We did tweet the whole tasting live, so you may want to follow us over there.

Peak Organic SourcePeak Organic Source
Peak Organic SourcePeak Organic Source