High Country Kombucha

The odd flavor is an acquired taste, I have to admit, and I acquired it three years ago when I started Leafygreen.info. I started drinking Kombucha then and I like it. It gives me energy, flushes my digestive system out and makes me feel good too.

I’ve recently tried a bunch of flavors. The Original, Aloe, Goji and Wild Root. My favorite is the Goji and the Aloe is cool too, but I can’t explain what it tastes like.

Kombucha is a bizarre, mushroom tea thing that is sort of full of living micro-organisms. It has a weird smell and taste, but it’s worth trying, especially if you have digestive issues.

High Country has some new flavors that will be reviewing soon like Honey Suckle so come back soon. In the meantime, go drink some of HC’s organic and fair-trade Kombucha.