method bloq Review

method home products are not just cleaning supplies. method bloq products are all natural personal hygiene products. I’m very picky when it comes to shaving products. At the moment, I don?t have a particular style or brand that I purchase over another, but that may change. I?ve used lots of different shaving products and so far, method’?s bloq may be my favorite.

method bloq shave cream

The Go Getter/Green Mint Bloq Shave Cream is minty, tingly, refreshing and creamy. I love the scent and the tingling from the mint oil that you feel during the shave and after. There?’s no reason to use after shave with method bloq, you just don?t need it.

The shave cream is 99% naturally-derived and 8 ounces lasts a long time. You can find method at Target, CVS, online, Whole Foods and more.

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