Mary’s Gone Crackers

marys gone crackers reviewsAs mentioned in one of my earlier reviews for, I am an avid appetizer/snack fan. I got my hands on the Mary’s Gone Crackers Onion flavored seed crackers and was more than happy to pair it up with my favorite garlic hummus.

I have only good things to say about these crackers. I love toasted sesame seeds so they have pretty much become my favorite cracker now. The flavor of the crackers was perfect, like onion but not too much onion. They are also amazing healthy for you. I struggle with high cholesterol so Omega – 3 fatty acids are good for me, and these are loaded with 450mg per serving!

They are organic and kosher, non-GMO, Whole Grain and heart healthy, Wheat and Gluten Free, also they contain no trans-fats. The company which cares a ton about what goes into their foods, both with ingredients and they way they are manufactured, has really offered up a treat here. I definitely recommend these to everyone and look forward to trying some of the other Mary’s products. Make sure to check out their site for the full range of their foods and also to learn about the company itself and why Mary started it all.