Maya Button Front Hoody With Pockets

ado hoody reviewI was unsure what to expect when I heard this fabric was infused with lemon and herbs.  I mostly prepared for an overly saturated perfume-like smell when receiving this hoodie.  I was happily surprised when it was a very subtle but slightly noticeable scent of herbs.  What did impress me the most was how soft this Herb Infused 100% Organic Cotton actually was.  I don’t think I’ve owned a softer hoodie ever, this was a huge plus and a huge reason why I do love this hoodie so much.

Unlike usual hoodies it didn’t have a zipper, but did have great wooden buttons, which added to the organic/natural feel of the clothing.  The front pockets are large and great to hold a cell phone, but don’t really support the weight, so I would usually not put anything in it to not weigh down the hoodie.

The only slight disappointment in this hoodie was the style it was cut in, it was slightly shorter than I was expecting and shorter than usual hoodies and sweatshirts I usually wear.  It just came to waist high, which is fine if wearing it over another shirt, but wouldn’t suggest wearing it alone with it being cut short.

With the length being the only thing I didn’t prefer about the hoodie, I think it is an amazing hoodie with extremely soft material that I just can’t stop loving.  It is a great product and exactly how it is described by a.d.o on the website, for more colors and other styles of clothing check them out at