Late July Vanilla Bean with Green Tea Cookies

Late July Organic Snacks

Organic and vegan ingredients, chocolate and vanilla flavors with green tea extract all in a cookie. Late July, a family company, is a fairly new company that is trying to make healthy, organic snack foods while trying to keep alive the tradition of the small, old-fashioned snack makers.

Their minimal packaging, 19th century fonts and graphics and great tasting food prove that it can be done. The antioxidant rich snack has some serious flavor. The vanilla bean can actually be tasted while the chocolate does not take away from the other flavors. The green tea extract is not prominate, flavorwise, but it can definitely be tasted. With only 11 grams of fat per 4 cookies, that?s not so bad. It is a snack, remember.

The best part is the fact that you can eat this great tasting, rich and sweet snack while not consuming any dairy, pesticides and artificial ingredients.

It shows that Steve and Nicole and the entire Late July family take great pride in their snack foods. I?m excited to try more.

Stay tuned for more reviews from Late July.

Want more information, click over to to read more, purchase online or find a store near you. A&Ps, Wegmans, Whole Foods, Stop and Shop all carry them locally in New Jersey, but they are nationwide.

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