Hansgrohe Croma C 100 Green 3-Jet Showerhead

showerhead reviewI admittedly love long, hot showers but always feel particularly guilty wasting water. So, I was quite happy to install the Hansgrohe Croma C 100 Showerhead, which boasts a remarkable 30% water savings.  Easy to install in minutes, the showerhead offers three different settings – Full, Pulsating and Intense Turbo spray modes.  I found the Full mode to be the most satisfying. It offered a steady, wide stream of water that was sufficient for rinsing off.  The Pulsating mode didn’t offer much in the way of massage and the Intense Turbo was indeed intense – so much so that it became irritating to be in the stream of water for an extended period of time.  One of the best parts of the showerhead is its Quiclean Cleaning System, which makes for easy cleaning that can be done with the tip of your finger.