The Traveler Pure Glass Bottle

pure glass bottle

With a patent pending BPA-free coating and design, The Traveler reusable and shatter resistant glass bottle features two convenient openings. The top of the bottle (which is made of plastic) screws open for ice cubes, lemon wedges, etc. and a smaller opening screws open for drinking.  As promised, the Traveler fit in my car cup holder as well as fitting neatly inside my messenger bag.  However, there were two detractors to the bottle.  First, it was considerably weightier than other travel water bottles I’ve used. Secondly, the screw top was inconvenient when I wanted to drink something while I was driving.  I would have preferred some sort of sip or active bottle top that did not require me to unscrew the bottle top in order to drink.  The Traveler is certainly a better alternative to plastic bottles that would just be thrown away, but not the most convenient I’ve used.