Grilled Tofu and Veggies with tsp spices

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I grilled up some veggies and tofu outside the other night for dinner. I had portobello mushrooms, red onions, zucchini and tofu. I marinated the veggies in just a hint of balsamic vinegar, organic cinnamon, ancho chile powder and some chile infused garlic cloves. I marinated some sundried tomatoes with the cinnamon and ancho and some Tabasco sweet and sour sauce. It came out great. I was proud of myself. I enjoyed how great the grill lines came out on the tofu and the veggies were soft and loaded with flavor.

The sweet heat from the tsp spices were powerful. It was amazing for these individual servings. The food?s not the point of this review, however. tsp spices is creating innovative, eco-friendly, organic spices with some modern, reusable packing.

The spices can be purchased individually in tins (cumin, coriander, etc) or in combination package tins like Sweet Heat or Sun Shine (lemon and orange zest). Each package contains 12 individual 1 teaspoon packages of spice, so you don?t have to measure. The tins are reusable for mints, altoids, iPod accessories, thumbtacks; you get the hint.

As of now, the spices are available online, but tsp is branching out to more stores. Katie and Sara really have a nice product here and I’?d jump into trying them out today. tsp has a blog too, with recipes and more, check that out here.

Visit and let them know where you came from. Also, check back for more uses for tsp spices? sweet heat.

There’s also a Summer’s End Special going on now. Receive a 10% discount on wholesale orders placed between August 23 and August 31, 2007. Questions regarding this offer should be directed to nancy [at]


I just received word that the prices on the website are also discounted for regular purchases as well. 10% OFF Everything!!

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