FLOAA Dish-sposable Pet Dishes

floaa pet dishes
I was petsitting for a 65 pound english bulldog when I got these FLOAA

Dish-sposable Pet Dishes and decided to give them a try. They were

kind of the same quality as a Chinette disposable plate. You can wash

them and use them again or toss them after you’re done. And they are

made from sugar cane fibers so they are completely biodegradeable.

The one thing I liked about them was the lip around the bottom. This

dog was a sloppy eater and it caught all his crumbs nicely. The only

problem was that is literally the weight of a paper plate so it moves

all around while he is eating. I did wash it and use it once more but

honestly I dont think it would have withstood a third use. Personally

as a dog owner I didnt see a real use for this. The only use I would

have for a disposable dog bowl is to travel but these were way too

bulky to travel with. And if you are interested in being green any

kind of disposable bowl is just a waste, even if they are

eco-friendly! I guess it could be good for a shelter that feeds a lot

of animals and wanted something disposable, however cheap paper plates

are just as good for that!