Fiber Gourmet Macaronic and Cheese

fiber gourmet reviews After tasting the Fiber Gourmet macaroni and cheese at the Fancy Food Show I could not wait to make it for myself. I had been looking for this product since Hungry Girl started blogging about it a few years ago. I couldn’t wait to make this product the day we got it in the mail. So, I did. While making this product I found it a bit difficult to make the noodles soft.

I am not an al dente type of girl so I cooked them for closer to fifteen minutes. After adding the cheese to the drained noodles, I took a quick taste and noticed that the cheese tasted rather off. I did not remember it tasting this odd during the NASFT show. I chose not to fret; I would mix it with some of my favorite vegetables, throw some breadcrumbs on it and bake it for a few minutes. Unfortunately, these additional ingredients did not make the mac and cheese taste any better.

I have eaten the plain fettuccini pasta from them before and thought it was fine. I really wanted to like this product and was left extremely disappointed, and hungry.