BuyWell Fair Trade French Roast Coffee

Though my caffeine intake is limited I do love a good cup of Joe. Because I limit my caffeine intake I need to make sure the one or two cups of coffee I do have in during my day count. Thus I am very picky about the coffee I drink.
buywell coffee review
I like strong, bold flavored coffees with tastes as if you’re eating the fresh roasted beans themselves. The French Roast Blend of the BuyWell Fair Trade Coffee was right up my alley. The aromas that grabbed my nose upon brewing up a pot were intoxicating. I tried it straight up, black, first to get a true sense of what I was dealing with. Excellent! So I added my normal amounts of sugar and half and half and started my morning. This coffee’s taste is strong and smoky just as the site describes and this might not be a coffee for someone who likes Dunkin Donuts or lighter coffees. My wife had a cup and it was more than enough for her, plenty of half and half helped her finish it.

I personally like this coffee but as I said it’s probably not for everyone. But if you enjoy strong flavored roasts this one will probably be perfect for your palette. Pick up some if you fit this mold and you won’t be disappointed.