Fever Stimulation Beverage

fever beverageFever uses a metal bottle, which is really neat for a few reasons. When I received the bottle, the box it shipped in was pretty beat up.  The bottle itself had 2 dents but no other damage.  Having a metal bottle also means that the drink inside stays cooler for a longer period of time.

Fever says that the drink stimulates pleasure, gives euphoria and antioxidants. They also state that It works the same on men and women.  I didn’t feel any effects at all.

I received the Fever Stimulation Mango + Banana flavor to review.  Not being a fan of banana in drinks I was a little concerned but the banana isn’t too strong in the drink.  The beverage has a slight chalky aftertaste.  The gripe I had with the Fever drink is that there is 31g of sugar and 130 calories per serving and 2 servings in a bottle!  There are so many other tasty drinks out there with less. They also claim their products use organically sourced ingredients. In other words, their product comes from nature.