Clif Bar Review: Got my Mojo and Nectar rising!

Clif Bar is known for their mostly organic, environmentally conscience and friendly approach to world and that other thing too. FOOD! Clif Bars are unique from many of the other big companies out there who sell energy bars. The combination of organic foods create a flavorful experience.

For breakfast, I ate the MoJo Honey Roasted Peanut bar. It has 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of fat. It’s sweet and salty and delicious. I wanted to eat more and more because it is so good. It is not vegan (honey), but it is vegetarian. I also had the Fruit Nut Crunch. I love peanuts, so I figured it can’t be bad. I was right, it’s not bad, it’s great. The chunks of apricots and almonds are plentiful. Even though it has cranberries (yuck), you don’t feel like it’s (vegan) Thanksgiving leftovers. The fruit nut crunch has less fat, but the same exact amount of protein.

The MoJo bars are perfect for a snack or a light breakfast to give you that morning boost. The Nectar bar is completely different. This is more of a snackable food. These bars are 100% organic unlike the MoJo (80%) and have such simple ingredients to make such a rich flavor. The first one I tried was the Dark Chocolate and Walnut. It was like a healthy brownie. No trans fat, however! Lot’s of fiber and no salt and NO cholesterol. I love pomegranate, so I was so stoked about eating the Cherry Pomegranate Nectar Bar. I was sort of indifferent with this one. I did not love it, nor did i not like it. It was a little bitter, but that’s pom for you. I have to try it again, but it is healthy and rich with antioxidants.

To learn more about Clif, visit their website at You can find information about their food, where to buy it, their history and their mission/values.

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