TABASCO’s Original Red hot sauce

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love hot sauce but when I think of hot sauce, the first one I want to put on my food is Tabasco.  The Original Red sauce is so delish.  The smooth red spicy goodness begs to be eaten in everything I consume.  I load up the a few dumps onto my hummus sandwich, I toss a ton in my chili recipes and even more when it’s done cooking, I even put it on pizza.

Surprisingly Tabasco sauce can be used to bring out flavors in so many dishes.  It’s not just hot, but it’s rich and flavorful.  The TABASCO® Original Red is aged for three years to bring out the flavors perfectly.  I love to make small pizzas with whole wheat pita bread and various toppings and without a doubt, it is Pizza Perfected.

TABASCO® Original Red was one of the first reviews we did here at when we started 5 years ago this month and I’m proud that I was able to review them again.  

I normally don’t spend time writing about holidays and things like that, but with the Super Bowl coming up and in my case, my #BrewYork friends coming by this weekend, it makes for a great Game-Day Party Menu

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