One With Nature Lemon Verbena Soap

One With Nature brand soap is in the business of incorporating Dead Sea Salt into their moisturizing bar soaps. So I was very optimistic about this being a moisturizing soap, perhaps so much so that I could forgo moisturizing after my shower. However, that was mainly my only disappointment in this soap. Perhaps that would not have even been my disappointment if I didn’t use it in winter with hot water. I feel it would have been more effective in moisturizing if used without hot water.

one with nature

Other than it not being as much of a moisturizing soap as I expected, this soap was great. I very much enjoyed the Lemon Verbena (aka citronalis) scent, which was very refreshing to enjoy every time I used it. The sea salt worked great as an exfoliator, they were not rough or chunky as some exfolitators can be. I was very happy with this product and glad to see how many different scents (16 in all found on their website) that they have incorporated the sea salts into.

With the great scents and the large size of the bar compared to a normal sized soap I would definitely say that this is a great soap even for the lack of moisturizing I expected. Their website has all the scents they offer along with a small selection of travel bar soaps too. No need to trek all the way to the Dead Sea for this soap, local Whole Foods stores carry One With Nature products.

One With Nature Soap review

One With Nature Soap review