method home products

method home products is a new company that kindly sent me products for testing and review. I was lucky enough to receive dish soap, an air freshener, biodegradable bathroom wipes, amazing all-surface cleaner and laundry detergent.

The eucalyptus mint flushable wipes are great. With 48 to a pack, they are perfect for dissentfecting that bathroom, wiping down a sink or the hotel if you want to take them with you. They have a eucalyptus scent to them and you can flush them down the toilet and it wont clog your septic tank.

The purple lavender all purpose cleaner is yummmy also. It smells so good and like the other products, it’s NOT made with harsh chemicals. The all natural cleaning agents really do a great job getting your floors and counter tops clean. I used it on the tub also and it left it smelly and sparkling.

When it comes to laundry detergent, i dont like chemicals and calculated forumulas being on my body, so
the all natural, HE compliant detergent is perfect. It’s a small bottle, but it’s concentrated and kicks a powerful punch leaving your clothes so fresh and so clean.

Not to mention, the design of all the products is modern with use of organic shapes and simple colors, the products stand out and catch your eye. You can purchase them from Target and CVS or direct from their online store..

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