KinniToos Fudge Sandwich Crème

KinniToos Fudge Sandwich Crème Cookies are the newest edition to the collection of great tasting gluten free cookies by kinnikinnick Foods. This is their version of the all chocolate, fudgy sandwich cookie.

kinnitoos fudge creme reviews

The fudge in the middle was chocolatey and creamy and was sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. You can twist them apart and eat one side at a time or, even better, dunk them in milk!  They passed the taste test of my eight year old chocolate loving son who didn’t want me to have any more; saving them all for himself.  The rows of chocolaty goodness disappeared quickly, lasting no more than two days!  There isn’t much more to be said except they are really good and really chocolatey!  I don’t feel all that bad for people who are gluten intolerant anymore!  In addition to being  gluten free, they are also dairy free and nut free.  They also come in an environmentally conscious package.