If you’ve got dogs, then you know they like to chew on things.  Like, your favorite raincoat.  Your slippers.  The remote control (yes, that really happened to me…)

If you’re looking for some eco-friendly dog toys that aren’t Made In China, then you’re in luck.  Let me introduce you to Fetchstix.

fetchstix reviewsFetchStix are novelty dog toys that also happen to be eco friendly.  And why are they novelty?

Well, because they’re sticks.  Wooden sticks.

Now before you start rolling your eyes and thinking you’d never in your right mind spend money on wooden sticks for your dog, hear me out.

How many wooden sticks do you think are lying around New York City?  Downtown Chicago? Los Angeles?

Not a lot.  Which is why FetchStix are around.  These sticks are cut from Vermont hardwood saplings, and they’re for the dogs who don’t usually get to chew on good wood.

Now, I gave these sticks to my two Boston Terriers, who are both voracious chewers.  And let me say this: these sticks make a mess, so your dogs need to chew these on the patio unless you want to clean up bark and splinters for an hour.

The good news? Well, the good news is that my dogs loved these things.  They’ve never shown more than a passing interest in chewing sticks, but because these were so hard they could really dig in.  The smallest stick didn’t last too long.  But the other two, which were much thicker, are still going strong.

I was disappointed in how expensive these were: $9.99 for 3 wooden sticks.  To me, that’s pretty pricy for wood.  But if you’re the “spare no expense” kind of person when it comes to your dogs, then you should give FetchStix a look.