EZ Wyp

ez wyp hand wipe reviewsWe all use hand wipes here and there.  Most brand wipes include chemicals to clean your hands.  What sets EZ Wyp apart is that they use a biodegradable dry wipe.  You fill the canister with your dry wipe pellets and a little bit of water.  When you need a wipe simple remove a wype and squirt it with a little water.  In seconds the wype expands into a reguler hand wype.

The advantage to the EZ Wyp are that your wipes have no way to dry out while in storage because they come dry and you wet them.  The other is that you have the ability to put a little lemon juice or other citrus in the mix with the water which can act as a natural yet strong cleaner.  That’s right, you can make your own cleaning solution.

These are worth a try!