Earth Friendly Products Wave Dish Detergent

ecos wave reviewI am always looking for products that are free of chemicals and Earth Friendly Products’ Wave Dish Detergent is free of two large chemicals.  It contains no phosphates or chlorine in their detergent, which is plant based and completely biodegradable.  I give them much applause for creating a product that cannot harm you in any way when used on your kitchenware.  However, I think by not having any ingredients to harm you, it also doesn’t contain enough ingredients to remove food particles & stains.

I was disappointed that this detergent didn’t get my dishes as clean as they claim.  They also ended up having water stains, though perhaps their Wave Jet product would have helped with that.  When using the Wave Gel dish detergent I followed the directions exactly, even doing the vinegar rinse before using the detergent.  So I don’t feel the bad results are because of user error.  Unfortunately I can’t say many good things about this product compared to what I usually use to wash my dishes.  I just wish it had more cleaning/scrubbing action to it.