DonQ Rum

With the weather creeping its way to warm and the chance to review some rum, I jumped at the chance to try out DonQ Rum so I am prepared with an arsenal of summery drinks to enjoy outside. While it is not warm enough to drink them outside, it is just as good to practice drinking them inside.


A friend of mine says to me, “When I was little, my father used to always have a big bottle of DonQ around, you’re going to enjoy it.” I must say, he was definitely right. I decided to make a few of the recipes that I thought appealed to me to get a feel for how this rum stacked up to other rums I have had. I chose the Mojito, Q Berry, and the Traditional Cuba Libre(recipes provided by the kind people at DonQ). My wife and I sat and enjoyed all the drinks over a few days and a few nice dinners. The rum itself is really smooth and goes down easy. In the Cuba Libre(Rum and Coke) I think I may have found a new favorite while my wife compared the Q Berry to a good Cosmo. This rum is definitely a high quality alcohol and should be considered whenever rum is needed. I know in my home it will probably find its way to the liquor cabinet in regularity. At this point I am looking forward to trying the other styles when I have a chance, especially the Añejo.

Now for the suprising part of the DonQ Brand, sustainability. I was definitely impressed with the foresight of this company and the strides they have already made to help the environment. Their clean business practices are clearly illustrated on their website where information is available marking every part of the process. Thanks to Roberto Serrallés, returning from the US with a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, coming on board to revolutionize their processes to maximize sustainability and and protection efforts for the ecology located around the plant, they have become the industry leader in these areas.

I would say anyone in the market for some rum should make it a point to try out DonQ in the future. Trust me, you won’t find yourself disappointed.