Diamond Organics

diamond organics reviews

I am a vegetarian so getting the freshest organic and, ideally, local produce is a huge priority for me.  This works out wonderfully during the summer months when I can visit the local farmer’s markets, but when winter comes it is super hard to find local food here in the Northeast

In order for me to get organic produce, it is most likely going to travel a big distance to get to me, which is not ideal.  When my HUGE box of goodies from Diamond Organics arrived I was giddy with excitement! It was shipped overnight express and arrived at my door looking as fresh at the morning it was picked, which I believe was the prior day.  When you buy produce at your local grocery store, it was possibly harvested several days or weeks before it even arrived at the store.  Not to mention all of the “hands” that have touched it before you were able to. YUCK!

Here is what I had in my HUGE box of organic goodness:  red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, meslun mix, parsley, basil, baby spinach, tangerines, baby turnips, pears, kiwi, apples, green beans, grape tomatoes, garlic, kale, swiss chard, red new potatoes, baby zucchini.(called a Basic Sampler on their site).  There were also several “cool” packs to keep everything a decent temperature.

Many of the items were individually packaged, which helped with keeping them fresh longer and there were also pages of recipes catered to the ingredients in the box. How cool is that?!

Basically, this is a great concept that I especially like this time of the year.  In the summer/fall months I would stick to my local produce growers, but feel Diamond Organics takes a lot of care in their products and their customers.  It took about a week to get through all of the food so with shipping included in the price, this would be a fairly decent deal for our family of four.  So, if you just can’t get to the grocery store or just don’t want to do the shopping, but you need some food within a day, I say give Diamond Organics a try! Next on my list is some of their wine!