Blue Ice Organic Vodka


I didn’t really know that vodka could be made from wheat, thus I didn’t really know what type of taste to expect from Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka. It actually comes in a really great clear bottle with a contoured back that shows similar shapes to stalks of wheat, however the company says it represents the beauty and clarity of the water used to make Blue Ice Vodka.

The vodka itself has a unique taste, not exactly as smooth as I was hoping for. The taste was a bit off from the vodka I am used to, however that is probably to be expected since it is made from a different product than usual. When I mixed it with cranberry juice, it made for just a delightful mixed drink. It became almost as smooth as I had expected it to be, without its strangely unique taste.

I wouldn’t exactly recommend this vodka for any shots, but certainly do suggest you do try it for any of your favorite mixed vodka drinks. Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka can be found in select wine and spirit stores and retails for $30 a bottle.