Amy’s Indian Spinach Tofu Wrap

Indian Spinach Tofu Wrap
Two of my favorite foods wrapped up in healthy goodness. Spinach and Tofu cooked Indian style with onions, soybeans, garlic, jalapeno, turmeric and Amy’s blend of secret vegan spices. This frozen wrap is perfect for a quick lunch. It’s got 11 grams of protein, fiber, Vitamin A, lots of iron, and a fair amount of good fat.
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The organic spinach/tofu mixture heats up thoroughly, leaving no random cold parts. The wrap is perfect for lunch, a snack, dinner and even breakfast. Then again, I LOVE spinach.

Amy’s products never cease to disappoint me and I’d encourage you to try them out.

Amy’s website is full of information and if you are new to the healthy, vegetarian/vegan, organic lifestyle, check out their easy to follow legend.

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