Zerowaste 2-Ingredient Room Spray

Modern conveniences are just that, conveniences of the modern time. Mainly because we thought things were too tough or challenging before. I tend to find that to be the lazy way to do things, creating things yourself gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. That’s why I try to make as many homemade things as I can myself. Creating the most basic items that help to avoid packaging, because that can be so wasteful.

One of my favorite things to create is my own scented room spray. Use it in the bathroom or any room you’d like to have a scent. Made with only essential oil and water, it is as simple as you could get and way healthier than whatever chemicals come in those store bought brand name aerosol cans.


Change your scents as often as you like, because you can create as much or as little spray as you’d like at the time. I used essential oils, the same ones I have for my aromatherapy diffuser and an old perfume bottle to keep it waste-free. Any bottle with a spray top will do, though it is recommended you use a metal or glass bottle. As the acid in the essential oils can eventually melt a plastic bottle.

With my supplies in hand, I measured and combine water and essential oil. Distilled water is best but honestly I used tap water and it has worked out fine and is package-free.

¼ cup water

10-15 drops of essential oil

Combine and pour into spray bottle


Depending on the room size, I usually spray it about 4 times and that creates a wonderful but not overpowering scent for a small room. Stored in my glass bottle, I have not seen any dramatic evaporation of liquid without having added Vodka. So I don’t find it completely necessary and that would have required an additional purchase. I hope this helps you utilize your essential oils in more than one way.