Zaq Bamboo Aromatherapy Diffuser

Having a lot of stress in your life isn’t good at all. To help and make sure I have lower stress I began using an aromatherapy diffuser. The kind people at Zaq sent me the bamboo model as I felt it was the most natural model compared to the many plastic models they offer. All Zaq diffusers BPA free.

Essential oils used in this diffuser can be changed as often as you want, you can’t do that as easily with candles, unless you plan to have a large stock of candles taking up space in your home. A bottle of essential oil is far cheaper than a good quality candle anyways. Avoiding candles is also a good choice because paraffin wax candles can emit toxic chemicals such as toluene and benzene. Think soy candles are better? Soy candles are processed with a small amount of paraffin also. Most “pure” soy candles are only 51% soy, check the label to make sure it says 100% soy.


Since every model of Zaq diffusers come with auto-shutoff when it runs out of water, you never have to worry about fire hazards. That’s another benefit over candles! You can fall asleep to whichever pleasant aroma you’d like and not be worried. It’s highly recommended that you don’t do that with any candles though!

Essential oils can be used for many other uses other than just your diffuser, if you’re worried about the oils being a one-use product just for your diffuser. I’ve already used these same scents to create a zerowaste bathroom spray. Some people also suggest using them directly on your skin to help certain ailments, though I have not tried yet. I’ve also used oils to create homemade bathroom sprays.


With just two ingredients; essential oil and water, you can create so many combinations in this diffuser. With different essential oils you can create a calming atmosphere or help yourself have more energy. The options are endless especially if you combine more than one oil. You can also purchase oils that are combined already too.


Most time enjoying the scents allows me to feel like I’m at the spa, with a calm atmosphere it lets me focus on just “being.” Especially when using it at night when I can turn on the illuminating top with a bright or dim setting. It’s a really lovely night light too. The auto-shutoff feature allows me to turn on the diffuser when I’m going to sleep and not worry when the water might run out.

I’m super pleased with the bamboo model, since it isn’t too large in size and allows the natural bamboo style to flow organically with the rest of the wooden furniture in my room. To see all of the other Zaq models available visit their online store. They also offer a wide range of essential oils, so it’s one stop shopping, find them here.

Question of the day:

What do you do to create a calm feeling in your life? What’s your favorite essential oil?