Yealands Wines

Delicious! Yealands prides itself on their organic process and their wines show it! The grapes are fresh and wine is amazing. Australia and New Zealand are known for their great wines that you can get all over America. The cute bottles and animal based logos hook you in, but those bottles are just average if even that. Yealands is good stuff. The bottles are not all cute and decorative. They are elegant, in fact. Yealands is super sustainable.

Developed by entrepreneur Peter Yealands, the privately owned winery features advanced green technology in every aspect of design and function. It received carboNZero certification from Landcare Research in April 2009 and in doing so was the largest winery in New Zealand to achieve this status for its organisation and wine products.

A month later, it was awarded the category trophy for small to medium businesses at the ’EECA’ awards – the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Awards, held by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

Yealands wines launched to great acclaim in August 2008, and have collected more than 100 awards to date. Yealands also uses recycled glass and PET based bottles. Full circle sustainable!