XSProjectUSA Business Card Holder

I just love products that have been repurposed and this definitely is the case with XSProjectUSA’s business card holder.  Each product they create and sell has been made from single-use drink packages.  Since these particular packages have no specific recycling technique they just end up in landfills, taking up space not breaking down. XSProjectUSA takes these packages and creates new products out of them.  Such as the business card holder I was sent, tote bags, laundry bags, waste baskets, wallets, spiral notebook cover ups, luggage tags, bookmarks, and makeup cases with many upon many other products.  Their website has their full line of products from mini, classic and fresh collection.

xs project usaThe trash pickers of Jakarta, Indonesia are the ones who are responsible for finding these drink packages, among piles of garbage.  Once they picked through the trash they scrub each package to disinfect them, then sewn together to create each different product.  I love the business card holder I received, it does not have a plastic smell, as other plastic products do.  It actually has a great smell of being freshly cleaned with soap. The great bright colors of the red and orange packaging help to make it a fun case to hold cards.  It is also lined with orange fabric to protect your contents.  The snap button was the only problem I had with it, since it might have needed to be worn in more, being that it is so difficult to snap close.  I use this product daily, it has now become my main business card holder, and will use it for any social occasions.  It just isn’t formal enough to use in a business situation, but isn’t expected from such a colorful product.