Wrappily: Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Founder of Wrappily Sara Smith and I think alike. I’ve also been guilty of trying to gently unwrap a gift with expectation of saving the wrapping paper instead of sending it to the recycle bin with hopes of it being recycled. Though now realizing that not all wrapping paper can be recycled because of the glitter, dyes, lamination or other additives that may make it more durable for your use, thus not all wrapping paper can be recycled.

That is a major bummer since it is a paper product and should be able to be reused again. Here’s where Sara figured she could create a product that was 100% recyclable, made with soy (not oil) based inks and newsprint paper, making it as a recyclable as your Sunday newspaper, which can be recycled up to 7 times. This does help because it allows Wrappily to use local printing presses that may not see use or become scrap metal.

Though I’ve gotten used to having wrapping paper on a roll, these sheets are rather generous in size, they easily accommodate a shoebox size box. Unfolded each sheet is 22”x33” and is happily printed on both sides to reduce waste even more. That sometimes led to a dilemma of wanting to use both sides of the sheet. That’s OK because when you choose one of their packages (All Occasions or Holiday Reversed) you get 6 sheets; 3 of each color. So per sheet it is a bit more expensive than standard printed wrapping paper. However, I consider this wrapping paper more as art and less like the Sunday comics. Knowing ahead of time that a more expensive product is good for the earth, most times I consider the price increase well worth the investment for a quality product.

What I think is just the most helpful is that the wrapping paper packages come with “To & From” stickers. How convenient and all-inclusive – fantastic thinking Wrappily! Great quality printing with all of these patterns help to make this product worth the paper it’s printed on. Though your house doesn’t have to be overrun with saved wrapping paper, you can buy Wrappily knowing it will have several more lives after you’ve used it all up. To see all the great patterns they offer check out www.wrappily.com.