World’s Best Cat Litter

worlds best cat litter reviewI have a very mean kitty, Ramona. She does not like change at all. So, when I pulled the switcheroo of her regular crystal cat litter to the World’s Best Cat Litter, it did not go well. First, she did not like the texture. Second, I did not like the  texture. I am just not so sure corn kernels absorb well. I am all for an eco-friendly pet product, but due to the messy aftermath of the litter when she jumped out and the just okay clumping capabilities I would not be so bold to make the claim that this is the best litter on the market.  The odor control was sufficient, nothing amazing. The product really didn’t really stand out to me. But let it be known that I am terrible about scooping the litter, and I don’t really like my cat.