Wooed Bamboo Sunglasses

Since reviewing biodegradable sunglasses from Dizm Eyewear, I was glad to find out that there are other types of sunglasses that help the earth. These sustainably grown bamboo sunglasses from Wooed are handcrafted and finished with natural wax for a natural shine.

I was excited to try out these sunglasses that are not actually made from plastic (which are the only types I’ve ever worn.) So when Wooed contacted me about reviewing a pair I was thrilled. After browsing their website, with over 31 styles just for women to browse from I chose the NOPA – Understated Brown style, with a slight rectangular shape to the frame. I thought they were super cute and the dark brown color would be a nice change from the black from that I usually opt for.

What was really surprising to me when I received them was how light in weight they were! They felt so light that you might not remember that they are on your face. Since they are substantially lighter in weight than traditional sunglasses I found that I would gravitate more towards wooden frames in the future. Also being made of wood (bamboo) allows them to float on water, but I don’t believe they are waterproof. Perhaps in the future Wooed can work on that waterproof part.

Besides the frames being handmade, I found the details in the frames really nice. Instead of having the company name silk-screened on the side as many other companies do, Wooed has stamped their company logo on the side, as well as “San Francisco” on the inside. I feel it adds a bit more detail to the glasses, making them more handmade and finished looking to me. The pair of sunglasses that I selected were around $100 with only a few pairs exceeding that price. So with the handmade quality of these frames, I find the price comparable to mainstream sunglasses like RayBan and Oakley. But these would be completely unique piece since each one is handmade and may vary ever so slightly.

Knowing these are sustainable (and have reclaimed wood options), unique and even have the FDA approved 100% UVA/UVB blocking polarizing lenses, you know you are buying quality to protect your eyes. What I do love about these polarizing lenses is how colorful everything seems when I’m wearing them it’s like seeing everything in Technicolor! I wish the world could always be seen in such vivid colors. Though the leaves haven’t fully changed color in my area yet, with these glasses on it certainly makes it seem as though they have changed.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from these glasses, but I find that I am very pleased with their quality, price and eco-friendly value to help out the earth without having to try too hard. Check out WooedByWood.com for their entire collection of Men’s, Women’s and accessories to keep you styling and earth happy.