Woodzee Bamboo Sunglasses

You can count on the eco-conscious world to shun plastic products and for a good reason too. Those plastic products take way too long to break down. This is not the case with the products from Woodzee and their wooden eyewear. It comes from the earth and can essentially be put back into the earth. But in case you don’t want to bury your eyewear at the end of their life, Woodzee encourages you to return your used eyewear to them and they will credit you with 40% off your next pair. That’s some great incentive to upgrade you style.

I was excited to try out my own pair of Woodzee sunglasses and see how they stack up against the other alternative sunglasses I’ve reviewed (Dizm Biodegrable Sunglasses & Wooed Bamboo Sunglasses.) I selected Mishka frames with black lenses for my sunglasses. The style was very much a reminder of the 1950’s and the frames my Grandma used to wear, especially with its flared corners. Coated with a black wax, you can hardly tell these are made from bamboo by looking at them. Pick them up and you’ll be even more astonished by how light they are!


I wore them on several occasions at varying lengths of time to get a good feel for how they fit. For me, unfortunately they seemed to be too tight on the bridge of my nose and between my eyebrows. As for any period of time it would leave an impression mark on my skin even if worn for 10 minutes. Only problematic if you don’t want to walk around for a little while with marks showing that you’ve been wearing sunglasses. In general it’s something I wasn’t too much pleased with but perhaps other styles don’t have that same problem as much. They did fit snuggly behind my ears and never were in danger of falling off if I bent over.


Other than leaving an indentation on my skin, these glasses are awesome. They provide ample sun protection for my eyes with 100% UV 400 protection. What’s even more awesome is the company’s consideration for the packaging their product is shipped in. Instead of plastic air filled padding, my sunglasses were nestled in a bed of wood spirals (from what I assume was wood scraps) within the shipping box. I felt that was a great use of materials that might have just been garbage otherwise. Woodzee is conscious of their carbon footprint and even use 50% recycled paper for the box the eyewear comes in as well as print with only soy based inks. That box is even 3 sided instead of 4 to help reduce waste also! I love the handy pouch the sunglasses are stored in, as they are easily shielded from scratches within the pouch. They go even further by plant a tree for every pair that you buy. Practically everything about the Woodzee brand is on point for the environment!


Not only does Woodzee offer glasses in sustainable woods like bamboo, but they also offer them in other materials that can easily be repurposed such as skateboard decks and the brand new Maker’s Mark oak barrel sunglasses. Yup, these sunglass frames are made from oak barrels that were used to make whisky. Before using the barrels to age the liquor, they are air dried for 9 months outdoors and are fire charred, so you can get unique wood patterns for each pair. Find out more about these one of a kind glasses here.