West Paw Design Toys

Our cat doesn’t really play with toys. She kind of just plays on her own. Its not that she doesn’t have any toys, she just doesn’t play with the ones she has. We always just assumed she didn’t like toys in general so I never attempted to buy many new ones. Then we got the West Paw Design Fish for Cats.

west paw design

Since then, she has not gone a day without at least playing with it for 30 minutes or more. It was actually kind of scary how she played so much, only because we’ve never seen her take to a toy like this.

West Paw Designs Fish for Cats

To make a long story short, it makes me happy to see her happy. But also to know that the company behind this toy is truly extraordinary. West Paw Design sets out to make high quality toys and items for pets while keeping the environment in mind. The toy we have is mad from recycled soda bottles. They keep manufacturing in the US to provide quality jobs here at home, and they run an employee oriented outfit where they all are rewarded for the great work of the whole.

I say to West Paw Design, keep up the good work! Our very picky cat approves!