Weaver’s Coffee Organic & Astral Blend

There are three things I learned from trying Weaver’s Coffee.

First thing is, coffee is an art. Coming from someone who only drinks coffee while on vacation or on special occasions, I always thought of coffee as something foreign but still special to me. However, there is a particular art of the way coffee is made, particularly Weaver’s coffee, starting from the harvesting of the coffee cherries that contain the actually Arabica green beans, to the time-consuming and highly intellectual process of roasting the beans, all the way until it has made it’s way into my coffee machine and onto my lips. I have never seen coffee as an art and it’s funny how a brand of coffee was able to do that.

From the moment I received the coffee and broke the seal, I knew there was something different about this coffee. My husband was standing next to me as I opened the coffee package and he blurted out in excitement, “When are you making us some of that coffee!”

The second thing I learned from trying Weaver’s organic, eco-friendly and fair-trade coffee was how to grind coffee beans. I know, can you believe that I have never ground coffee beans before! There are many tips and tricks that I found online by simply doing a quick online search. I went for the most convenient way. I used my magic bullet! I found that when I used both blades, I got the recommended medium grind powder from the coffee beans.

Lastly, the third thing I learned from Weaver’s coffee is how amazing, fresh and distinct different coffee beans can be. I tried two types of coffee bean flavors that Weaver’s has to offer: Organic Blend and Astral Blend.

The Organic Blend is very rich and robust in flavor. There is a slight sweet, caramel aftertaste. The aroma of the coffee is very rich and dark; the aroma works well with the taste of the coffee and doesn’t leave anything to be desired. There are some coffee brands that have an amazing aroma but when you finally take a sip of the coffee the taste doesn’t match the scent- not with this coffee. The Organic blend is bold in flavor and very similar to the Astral blend, however the only difference I found is that the Astral blend is sweeter. If you like coffee with only a little bit of sugar, you may not even need sugar in this cup. When I had my mom try Astral, she noted that she forgot to put sugar and didn’t even mind it. This definitely makes drinking coffee a lot healthier! Those who like their coffee completely dark and not sweeten probably should skip Astral and try the Organic blend. The Organic blend leaves a slight caramel aftertaste but the coffee itself is not sweet.

Both blends are very dark in taste, which as a Brazilian, I fairly enjoyed. The blends were not “watery” as I like to call it, but had a strong complex taste.

I am not a big coffee drinker myself, when I drink coffee I like it to be special but I can say that this coffee definitely got me drinking a lot more than usual. Makes me feel like I’m on an exotic vacation with every sip! This is definitely the coffee I’ll pull out when I have coffee loving guests over.

I tried both the Organic and Astral coffee blend as café au-laite, which means half coffee and half milk. For the Astral, since it was slightly sweeter, I actually tried a cup with a lot more coffee and very little milk and I enjoyed it tremendously. (On a side note, the milk I used is skim lactose-free for those wondering.)

All of Weaver’s Coffee and Tea are made organically and in their organic process, they use very sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques. You can find more information about their coffee making process on their website.

Weaver’s Coffee has a really informative website that really inspired me and my new found love for coffee. The website even got me thinking about purchasing a French coffee press pot, so I can get the best taste my coffee can offer! It’s interesting where different inspirations can come from!

What are some of your thoughts on the three things I learned from Weaver’s Coffee?