Wear Your Music is a pretty unique jewelry company.

Each guitar string bracelet is handcrafted from recycled fine silver and guitar strings used and donated by the artist you select… Profits are donated to charities selected by the artists.

With so many artists in donating strings I thought this is a really neat idea. The bracelet I received is called Simply Silver. It is a bracelet made from plain guitar strings. However, Simple Silver is not from a musician.

My concern when first seeing the bracelet is knowing what happens to guitar strings after playing for a while. The oil from your fingers turn the strings odd colors. Obviously a wrist doesn’t have as much oil as your fingers do so the bracelet remained silver even after a few weeks of wearing it daily.

The bracelets are customizable and there are a lot of color choices. Purchasing a bracelet from an artist is much more expensive then regular strings so keep that in mind!

The bracelet my wrist a little when wearing it with the clasp on the inside so I rotated it and it felt fine. I am a fan of these products for sure.