Wear Sustain World Recycle T-Shirt

wear sustain

I had such high hopes for a product that was so locally created, in Pittsburgh, PA. Unfortunately my disappointment started with the size of the shirt. I washed as directed and found the shirt to be much smaller than when I first tried it on before washing. I guess I may have needed to order up in size.

The screen printing is thick and raised above the fabric. Which usually means that it is expected to crack and wear over time and washes. With this shirt it has been good so far and not cracked or faded.

This shirt uses an eco printing method which contains no pvc, phthalates, heavy metals, aerosols or harsh solvents, with no dyes, pesticides or herbicides. This shirt is a great eco friendly product that is made from recycled products, that can be recycled too. Just make sure you order up for your size.

Check out Wear.Sustain.’s website.