Wally’s Natural Outer Ear Wipes

wallys ear wipes reviews

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Wally’s ear wipes.  Ear wipes are not really something that I think of when I think of cleaning ears.  The usual is cotton swabs or perhaps a spray to the clean ears.  So I was expecting similar results for these wipes as with cotton swabs, unfortunately I did not find good results.  These wipes did have a fresh scent for a clean feeling.  That was the best part of them really, they would seem like a better product as face wipes instead.

The only way I saw using this product effectively was to roll up the wipe and essentially cram it into your ear, while twisting it around hoping that it would be able to clean enough with its gentle motion.  Otherwise, it is not that effective in cleaning.

Since there are no specific directions on how to use these, I also tried to use a finger wrapped with the wipe, yet my finger was too large to fit to clean my ear.  So I wouldn’t really suggest these wipes to clean your ears.  Perhaps use them to clean your face or hands.  Since cotton swabs were much more effective at cleaning, so I will likely stick with them even though we are told not to use them.  If you’d like to combine both products, just soak your cotton swabs in the same alcohol the wipes contain.