vodka 14 review

I don’t drink alcohol very often, but when I do, I usually prefer wine.  When I had the opportunity to try Vodka14, the main thing that peaked my curiosity was that it was organic and that it is craft-distilled in the Rockies.  Vodka.  Organic?  Interesting, right? And who knew that there was such a thing and what does it matter, really?  Needless to say when the delivery came, I wasn’t really sure how to try the Vodka14.  I am certainly not a “straight up” type of girl.  It definitely had to be mixed with something, but I wasn’t sure what just yet.  On the other hand, my husband was eager to try and rushed to the store to buy some sort of pearled onion soaked in vermouth thing and made himself a cocktail that evening.  He said it was delicious, but not because he is some sort of vodka connoisseur, but because he enjoys a good cocktail every now and then.  I decided to keep my choice simple and bought some pomegranate juice (because I am so healthy).  I don’t like a strong, stiff drink when I have a cocktail so I went with a 2 to 1 ratio(as in 2 “shots” of juice to 1 “shot” of vodka).  Hey, I am no bartender, I just do what seems yummy and let me tell you it was yummy!  It was very smooth and I hardly noticed the alcohol at all.  I had a couple of cocktails in one evening and I didn’t have any after effects, you know, like a hangover?

Vodka14 has a wonderful website which includes many great recipes to try and lots of great information as to why organic matters, even when it comes to vodka.  Personally, I love their commitment to providing an alcohol that is processed without the use of harsh chemicals, but they also carry it through to the bottle and the synthetic cork, which can be recycled!  I could share more from their website, but you should just visit for yourself.  It truly is a treat!