Vermont Soap Organic Sage Lime Deodorant

With the holidays behind us all, we are back in full swing with our reviews. We’ve got some great reviews this month, including an eco-friendly area rug that I’m so excited to share.

With the branding style of Trader Joe’s, Vermont Soap Organics has always had quality products that are gluten and GMO free as well as vegan. Their simple products have a distinct job that gets the task done without any filler or unimportant ingredients.

This can be said of their new Organic Sage Lime Deodorant for active men and women. Unlike other natural deodorants that I’ve tried this one held up way better than the others that just never had the power of mainstream deodorants (like Geodeo).

Functionality is exactly how a deodorant or antiperspirant wins my heart (and my loyalty). Really for me the product has to work; keep me dry and stink-free. This solid deodorant is the fourth natural kind I’ve tried and does some good work compared to the other natural types. I will say on my sweatiest days (think summer heat wave) it didn’t keep me as fresh as I would have liked, but that is under intense conditions.

What I really love about this deodorant is the short and simple ingredient list. It included all easily identifiable items – coconut oil, cornstarch, lime and sage oil plus beeswax. All of which are certified organic. I’m glad the first ingredient is coconut oil, as I already use it as a natural hair conditioner and styling product. Coconut oil has been amazing and super inexpensive – one jar lasts over six months, not so when I used chemical styling mousse. But I digress with my love of coconut oil, something that makes me even happier about this deodorant is that it contains no aluminum or metals of any kind. I was shocked when I found out that many mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants list aluminum in them. Though I may not fully understand the need to have metals in these products or why metals are supposed to keep me dry, I’d like to opt for products without it. The deodorant is great for sensitive skin and though there is no science behind it, I think it has even made my skin smoother.

Unlike the standard deodorant, this container is a bit more unique. It has a screw on lid, that takes a few extra seconds to take off unlike the pull type. It also has a push bottom area instead of a winder or flip at the bottom, to advance the deodorant. This container quickly reminded me of the Flintstone sherbet pushpop I’ve enjoyed when I was younger. Though those containers seemed to be easier to use because of the help of the handle. When your deodorant gets low, you will awkwardly try to push the bottom of the deodorant up while trying to apply it when all the stick wants to do is push itself down. I just wish there was some type of lock for when it gets low because it just does not apply when it gets low. I thought the different style container was interesting but it is just a bit difficult to use.

At almost $10 for a 2.5 oz. stick it is a bit on the expensive side in comparison to other brand names, but priceless for keeping chemicals out of your life. You certainly get what you pay for with this product and won’t be disappointed at the performance.