Velvetwire Powerslayer Eco Phone Charger Review

Technology that works efficiently is always a great find, especially when it comes to charging your phone. I’m so glad I discovered the Powerslayer charger from Velvetwire because it has changed the way I charge my iPhone.


Vampire power. Ever heard of it?

It’s the power that is being wasted by your plugged in electrical appliances, even if they are turned off. Think of all the electronics you have plugged in all the time that you aren’t using but draw power – microwave, coffee maker, toaster, stove, lamps, laptop charger and your phone charger, especially if you have more than one too. The list could be endless!
We have always been taught not to overcharge our phones. But how exactly do we know if we are overcharging? Well, with traditional chargers you need to have an eagle eye and watch your device to be able to unplug it as soon as it’s done charging. That really isn’t practical at all!

What makes this charger so special?


Velvetwire has realized that the materials used to create charging cables aren’t always of the highest material, so they decided to change that. They use thicker gauge wire for higher power flow.
By also creating their own wall charger, it helps to allow both products to work together seamlessly. It features an auto-off ability when charging is done, this is huge for vampire power.
The wall charger also has an indicator light for charging status, so you can glance over to the charger and see if the green light has changed from orange indicating it is charged.

Will it work with my phone?



Velvetwire offers their charging cables for Apple products using lightning connectors, as well as Android phones and other technology that uses micro USB ports.
Power cables are Apple MFi certified, so they are guaranteed to work with your device.

But my phone comes with a free charging cable, why would I want to pay for one?


The great thing about cables from Velvetwire is that they offer a range of lengths for cables. Apple brand only offers three lengths. So despite that free cable you got with your phone, Velvetwire offers many better options.

Offered in two colors: Kelp and Coral
Offered in four lengths: half meter (19.6”), 1 meter (37”), 2 meter (78”) and 3 meter (118”)

I’ve been using the 2 meter length for a few years now and find it is the perfect length. It is great to have when sitting on the couch while on my phone too. It’s not too long to use in the car for me, but I’m sure a shorter cable might be useful depending on where your charging port is.


I love that this cable is a bit fashionable, compared to the all white Apple cable. I am often complimented on my charging cable because of the beautifully wrapped design, inspired by sailing cables. Aside from the compliments on its design, I also get people who ask to use my charger and are then amazed at how fast their phone charges in such a short amount of time compared to what they use to charge. That is the easiest way that I have found people converting to using this charger. I also find myself offering up my charger when someone is in need of a fast charge, it really have become that convenient. I don’t even bother using my standard Apple cable anymore. The cable itself is faster than the Apple brand cable, however when you combine it with the Velvetwire wall charger, it makes the most of your charging speed!

I truly have nothing negative to share about this cable/charger combo. Wishing that these came standard with each phone purchased is a great thought but I’m sure Apple wouldn’t go for that. So in the meantime, you can find yours on Amazon, for the same price as Apple brand cables here.