VeggiePatch Chick’n Nuggets

I haven’t really had chicken nuggets in a long while, mostly because it was noted that they ended up not really being made with actual chicken when it was expected to be. Well that doesn’t seem to be the problem with VeggiePatch’s Chick’n Nuggets, they aren’t supposed to be chicken and knowing that ahead of time is helpful.

Instead of chicken, its main ingredient is textured vegetable protein (man, that stuff can really turn into any food substitute) along with a few chemical names that most might find difficult to pronounce. That is a bit discouraging, as I like my rule to be more about eating food ingredients that I can pronounce and are familiar to me.

Since this wasn’t really chicken I wasn’t expecting the texture to be anything like real chicken and it wasn’t. It actually reminded me of chicken nuggets from McDonalds before they changed their ingredients and included all white meat. I couldn’t help to think of the “pink slime” video I saw on YouTube regarding McDonalds burgers (see it here) since knowing this Chick’n Nugget wasn’t chicken.

I’m not sure I could say the flavor was much chicken like either. But you know I did enjoy eating these and felt like a kid again, enjoying many dipping sauces each time I would make them. Like their Broccoli Bites with Cheese I also suggest baking them, but they weren’t terrible from the microwave (like the Broccoli Bites were). Give them a try yourself as they are a great healthier alternative as convenience food. See my other VeggiePatch food reviews: Falafel Bites and Meatless Meatball. Check out other VeggiePatch options on their site.