Veggie Brothers

Sometimes you really want to like products and you try and try to really like the product because the company behind the scenes are run by nice and caring people and really do have a great concept, but you are just not impressed and unfortunately this is one of those cases.

I had the chance to try a shmorgusboard of food from Veggie Brothers, a vegan & vegetarian mail order food company. I really loved two products but I almost broke my tooth on the first one. The other products, I actually did not enjoy at all. I followed the cooking instructions exactly as stated.

I preface the following thoughts with the fact that I do not hate the taste of meat or faux meat, I just currently do not eat meat nor have for 9 years. With that out of the way, on to the reviews.

The Good Stuff

  • Hot & Spicy Soy Chicken Wings – Spicy and crunchy and juicy and overall yummy
  • Southern Fried Chicken Wings – An awesome take on fried chicken except the wooden sticks inside the wings that I did not know about nor could see until it was too late. I almost broke a tooth but I did not, luckily for them.

The Bad Stuff

  • Mississippi Maverick – Eh… too many flavors that didn’t seem to work well
  • Old El Paso Stew – It was bland and missing major flavor.
  • Grilled Flank Steak Au Jus – Wheat Gluten based faux steak that I literally tasted and threw out.
  • Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup – It was too salty for me but I’m not a real big fan of chicken soup anyway

I really do not like to give bad reviews, but we are honest here at The history of the Veggie Brothers has New Jersey roots and I used to love their food when I traveled to Belmar (you know what restaurant I’m talking about and if not, ask us on twitter), but I’m sad to say, I won’t be eating their products anymore.

Have you ever tried their stuff? Maybe your tastebuds are different; try them if you like, just be careful of wooden dowels in your food.