Two from Amy’s Organic Kitchen

Amy’s Tortilla Casserole with Black Beans

I thought the Tortilla Casserole was going to taste like the Mexican Lasagna from Park and Orchard. Not even close. I actually did not like this at all. The tortilla chips did not microwave well, and the beans didn?t taste good either. It is overall a bad product. Maybe that is why I can?t seem to find out any information about it on Amy?s website.

Maybe they pulled it off their active line. Amy does have new products out like oatmeal and low sodium meals. Hope we can try those soon.

Amy’s Indian Samosa Wraps

amys indian somosa wraps

These are the best samosas I have ever had and I?ll tell you why. These aren?t purely a carb product anymore. They are not greasy and have tofu in the mix as well. Samosas are my favorite Indian appetizer, but usually it is so heavy and not worth ordering. Amy makes these small wraps that cook up nicely and taste very authentic. The vegan spices are well balanced.

These wraps are high in sodium, decent fiber content and a good protein source. Great for lunch or dinner, Amy has another hit!