TryCycle Milano Wine Glasses

tricycle glass review

I love wine.  Whether it’s white or red doesn’t matter to me.  I mean I do have several favorites, but I’m not picky most of the time.  It sometimes seems like I’m pickier when it comes to choosing the right glass to sip from when enjoying a glass of wine.  They are certainly not all created equal and depending on what kind of wine you are drinking or the color of your wine, the glass really does make a difference.  I also like pretty wine glasses, though, and I’d much rather have a mismatched collection of unique glasses than a boring set of plain glasses that all match and aren’t any fun.  When I received a pair of the Milano design wine glasses from TryCycle Glass I immediately thought they were pretty and unique I was mostly sure that I’d thoroughly enjoy any wine I chose to pour into these lovely glasses.

Some of what I love about these glasses and what I learned from their website:

  • Made from 100% Post-Consumer glass
  • Lead-free
  • The natural green color happens in the recycling process – adding a really eco-chic feel to these gorgeous glasses.
  • Each glass is hand blown by skilled artisans in Europe

A couple of things that I find need improvement:

  • The fact that these glasses are hand blown in Europe rather than in the U.S. – I’m a huge supporter of local businesses and U.S. made products whenever possible.
  • The cost.  Although the website states economical, I have to disagree.  As someone on a tight budget, I simply couldn’t afford to purchase 4 wine glasses at a cost of $32.  It might be a possible gift idea, though.

Overall I really like these glasses, especially the thick stem, which offers a feeling of sturdiness and stability and the unique outwardly turned lip at the top adds nice character and originality.  I currently have several varieties of wine glasses to choose from in my cupboard, but this has become my favorite and the one that I grab every time I want to enjoy a grown-up beverage.