Tom’s of Maine Review: Soap and Toothpaste

That oh so fresh feeling you get after cleaning your self with soap is great. It’s refreshing and just leaves you happy. That’s what Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant Body Bar does for you. The lemongrass soap does not leave a film on your body, nor does it harm the earth. Tom’s is an earth friendly company and always has been with animal friendly line of products. The soap does not contain any artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives. It’s all from plants including sage, rosemary and coconut. The blend or sage, rosemary and lemongrass is such a nice change from those other generic scents most bar soap has.

Tom’s of Maine’s Apricot Natural Antiplaque Tarter Control Plus Whitening Toothpaste is another unique product in the growing line of products. It’s very flavorful paste similar to the other pastes I reviews previously. It’s got all the cleaning, whitening and antiplaqing power of traditional pastes, but the apricot flavor really sets this apart from competition. The minty toothpastes were nice, but I really liked this one. It made for a interesting and fun toothbrushing experience, just like when you are a kid. There is not even a hint of mint in the paste, it’s apricot and mango all the way. I’m a sweet tooth, so I loved this, but I could completely understand why others would not. It was too sweet and unusual for another writer, but I 100% enjoy it. Go ahead and check it out. Tom’s of Maine is not a small company, they sell their products all over the world, from mom and pop health stores to giant supermarket chains.

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