Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant Stick

In my book natural deodorants have to try harder than their mainstream equivalents, I feel they have a lot more to overcome. But I have stuck with it for several months and given Tom’s of Maine Deodorant Stick a chance.

I had been doing some research to find a new alternative to popular deodorants as I was hoping for a product that would aid in a smoother under arms. Since many products that are mainstream hinder that, with the chemicals and metals they use to keep you dry.

Tom’s of Maine is different, mainly because of the use of ingredients or perhaps what they don’t use. This long lasting Women’s Deodorant is aluminum-free and PG-free (propylene glycol-which is a common ingredient in automotive antifreeze), two additives that I wouldn’t directly put on my skin. Though it does contain hops, which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria as well as aloe vera, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and zinc salts to trap odor. There are no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives included in any of their products at all.

I began using this products in the warmer months and found that it did have a little trouble keeping me dry while active outdoors in the heat, needing to reapply throughout the day. My mainstream deodorants seemed to fair a bit better in this category though, so I wouldn’t suggest it for hot summer months or states with humid weather. However its performance while at the gym is a different story, I may be a sweaty mess while at the gym but do think the deodorant helps me to keep dry while there. The odor protection worked very well while at the gym and other times during low sweat days.

I have seen a noticeable difference and feel the lack of chemicals has helped to smooth my underarms as I intended, also the vitamin E likely has helped. My Natural Long Lasting deodorant was in the scent of “beautiful earth” – I wasn’t really sure what that actually would smell like. It is a great smell though not too strong or perfume-like.

Tom’s of Maine doesn’t test any of their products or ingredients on animals. They also have available on their website every ingredient and its purpose, so you know what exactly you are using. In addition to all these great products, their employees are also environmentally responsible allowing 5% (12 days) of the employee time to be contributed to volunteering and 10% of profits towards human and environmental goodness. Tom’s of Main does make a great product that is good for you and they do good for the earth. Check out their website for other great scents for their Women’s Long Lasting Natural Deodorant.