Today is Earth Day and

We won’t be reviewing anything today (boo to us). This is not because we don’t have enough products to review, rather our computers are off and we are out celebrating the Earth. Over the last year plus, we have brought you all sorts of product reviews. From appliances to soccer balls and everything in between. This year is even more important for the Earth because Americans are finally starting to see the impact that individuals can make to change the way the world is going. I’m not talking politics, I’m talking about the Earth and going green. I was told today that “one person can NOT make a difference” and that is a flat out lie. One person can and I hope you feel the same way. So change a light bulb, buy fair trade, eat organic, or recycle. It’s not too difficult.


If you want something to read, check out some of the older reviews, but don’t worry, we will be back tomorrow with more goodies for your reading pleasure.

So go outside and hugg a tree and come back tomorrow for more (or read more for a contest).

Leave your comments for the chance to win a FREE TSHIRT! Just leave a comment with what you are doing today to celebrate the Earth and your name will be selected randomly to win a shirt from a company of whose products we reviewed. I also thought that this book has a great title!