Threads for Thought-Paisley Hoodie

Threads for Thought have made the softest hoodie I own. Made from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester it truly makes a difference in the feel. I wore this hoodie outdoors in 50° weather with a long sleeve shirt underneath and was completely comfortable. Which says wonders for the ultra soft fleece.

The full size hood is large enough to accommodate my long hair when its pulled back and not have the hood be close to falling off. The hood features a great contrasting lining which adds some color to the white hoodie. The drawstrings, which are a great rugged element to the top match in color to the lining and are thick fabric with no aglets as traditional sweatshirts have which adds to the statement of the design.

The thing that drew me to this hoodie was the great paisley line drawing on the top half of the hoodie. It makes me want to color it in with colored markers. Happily the design also extends down the right arm and onto the back.

Unlike cheaper clothing the sleeve cuffs fit tight to my wrists and didn’t stretch out upon pulling up my sleeves or taking a ride through the washer. The front pouch pockets were even deep enough to hold my iPod and keep it from falling out during lots of movement. Even though this isn’t a bulky hoodie it still is very very warm, which is always a plus.

I only found that the size of the hoodie seemed to run a bit small to be comfortable. I could zip it closed but was a bit too snug. Since I like my hoodies to have more room I choose a size that was one up from what I normally wear, unfortunately even that was too form fitting. I suggest if you like extra room to move in, choose two sizes up from what you normaly wear.

The organic cotton from Threads for Thought has really made me a believer that organic cotton absolutely makes a difference in the quality of the clothing. While this company is using organic materials in their products they also work two extremely effective charitable organizations: The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and The International Rescue Committee (IRC). The IRC helps to respond to the world’s worst crises to help people survive and rebuild their lives. The NRDC’s mission is to help safeguard the Earth; its people, plants, animals and natural systems which life depends. For more information on how Threads for Thought is helping to support a good cause please visit their website to see the other “Do Good” organizations they help.